Ogden newspaper to be sold to a family newspaper company

Standard Examiner entrance

Ogden Newspapers will acquire the Standard-Examiner and website, as well as the...


Weber Co. seeks accord with Davis Co. to join forces in economic development


State lawmakers set aside $775,000 during the legislative session earlier this year to aid in the effort, which the Economic Development Corp. of Utah would help spearhead.


The new Gmail sends self-destructing emails - and nudges you to reply to mom

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. Gmail is getting major update starting Wednesday. A certain amount of hyperventilation is to be expected when a service used by 1.4 billion people changes anything. I’m here to report it’s going to be OK. Truth be told, when Google first showed me the redesign, I...


Mulvaney discloses 'hierarchy' for meeting lobbyists, saying some would be seen only if

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. WASHINGTON - Mick Mulvaney, interim head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told banking executives Tuesday that as a South Carolina congressman he always met with constituents. But he never met with out-of-town lobbyists, he said, unless they gave him...


Financial Markets Glance

Dow Jones Industrials High: 24,146.34 Low: 23,823.08 Close: 24,083.83 Change: +59.70 Other Indexes Standard&Poors 500 Index: 2639.20 +4.64 NYSE Index: 12,517.86 +3.87 Nasdaq Composite Index: 7003.74 —3.62 NYSE Amer Composite: 2579.16 +19.36 Russell 2000 Index: 1550.47 —2.81 Wilshire 5000 TotalMkt:...


Mothballed reactors: Fight over South Carolina utility fees

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina House on Wednesday insisted a utility cut its rate by 18 percent to eliminate a fee customers are paying for two nuclear plants that were abandoned before generating a watt of power. The few members on the losing side of the 104-7 vote warned their...


Stocks close mixed; Dow industrials end a losing streak

APTOPIX Financial Markets Wall Street-1

NEW YORK (AP) — A late round of buying erased early losses on Wall Street, leaving major indexes mixed at the close of trading. Bigger companies managed to eke out modest gains, while smaller companies mostly fell. A big gain in Boeing pushed the Dow Jones industrial average higher, breaking a five-...


Stocks push higher; dollar reaches 3-month peak

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Most U.S. stocks closed higher after swinging between gains and losses while investors mulled the implications of rising U.S. bond yields and disappointing earnings. The dollar resumed its rally, climbing to the highest in three months. “We’re going to have to continue this...


Amazon's Alexa will soon be teaching your child manners

(c) 2018, The Washington Post.’s Alexa has a little something to teach your kids about manners. After receiving feedback from some parents concerned about how voice assistants are affecting their kids attitudes, the company updated Alexa to reward children who asks for things nicely....


What to do if you still haven't filed or paid your taxes

On The Money Unfiled Taxes

Tax day has already come and gone. But what if you still haven’t filed or paid? It’s only a few days late at this point thanks to some delays in the federal tax deadline this year. Or maybe it has been a few years. Regardless of how behind you are, it’s time to address it. This isn’t a problem that...


Businesses balance Facebook privacy concerns, ad needs

SmallBiz-Small Talk Facebook

NEW YORK (AP) — Some small businesses that use Facebook ads to promote themselves and attract new customers are wrestling with whether they need to change strategy after the company’s data-misuse scandal. The revelations that Cambridge Analytica gathered personal information from 87 million...

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