Get involved with one of the two major political parties

Thursday , January 04, 2018 - 7:35 PM2 comments

I've recently moved back here after 23 years on the West Coast. Some things have gotten worse (air quality and I-15 traffic) and some things have improved — like the Standard-Examiner. It's a really good read; I especially enjoy reading the local opinions. The recent letters on working for political change (Chris Bolieau, Dec 29; Calene Van Noy, Jan. 2; and Michael Behring, Jan. 3) encouraged me to offer a comment or two.

Bolieau and Behring both emphasized the need for us citizens to focus on what really matters most in politics — the common good, economics and national security. And I agree (in part) with Van Noy: get registered and get involved. But while she urged Utahns to register as unaffiliated voters, I suggest one can be most influential by getting active within one of the two major parties.

It was within the Republican Party that Donald Trump knocked out the more rational candidates, and within the Democratic Party that Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in 2008 and Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in 2016. And note that third-party candidates have not been a serious threat to win the presidency in my lifetime (I'm 74).

It’s within the two parties that the perspectives of Bolieau and Behring can best be exercised and sane government restored.

Bob Burns,

South Ogden

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