Say goodbye to school year in style

Sunday , May 27, 2018 - 12:00 AM

TX. Staff

When school’s out for the summer, how do you celebrate?

Some of our TX. staffers share their favorite end-of-the-school-year traditions, be they things to do with friends or events at their Northern Utah high schools.

• From sunsets to sobs

Aside from holding a yearbook signing stomp after school on one of the final days of the year, we have several other fun end-of-the-year traditions at Bear River High School.

Just for the seniors, we hold an event known as Senior Sunset. One evening during the final week of school, all of the seniors get together to have a little party and watch the sunset together. The symbolism really comes into play here, because at the beginning of the school year, we hold a Senior Sunrise. Being able to share the sunrise and sunset of the school year with my fellow classmates is fun, but it really helps put things into perspective.

One tradition that everybody in the school can be involved with is our final assembly — our Sob Assembly. Hopefully there aren’t too many tears as we reflect back on the school year with a slideshow and several other activities to say goodbye to the seniors. With our final opportunity to hold a bit of a pep rally and show our pride for our school, we make sure to hold onto our memories while looking forward to the year ahead.

Although the end of the school year can be a stressful time, it’s important to have fun while it lasts!

— London Maynard, Bear River High

• Water party

Every year after school all my friends and I go up to Causey Reservoir and go swimming, paddle boarding and/or cliff jumping. Causey is about 15 minutes away from Ogden, but it’s a little secluded and it’s gorgeous. Plus, motorboats aren’t allowed in the reservoir so the water is way cleaner than at Pineview or even Bear Lake.

We go to the lake because it’s a really fun way to start summer off. I can’t think of anything more summer-ish than lakes and outdoor activities.

— Laney Baumann, Utah Connections Academy

• Books at bonfire

The end of the school year is one of the best times; it's the beginning of summer, bonfires, s'mores and late nights.

To launch into some of the best three months of the year, my friends and I gather up our huge, oh-so-detested math books and throw them into our first summer bonfire! After that, we roast hot dogs and marshmallows into the night, not having to worry about homework or tests. It's just a bit satisfying to get rid of all those equations and forget about them — at least until next year.

— Bailey Shae O’Leary, Northridge High

• Retro movie party

My favorite tradition at the end of the school year is coming home on the last day and watching ‘80s movies with my sister. Normally we watch stuff like “The Breakfast Club,” “Back to the Future,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” I’ve always enjoyed being able to just chill after a hard year of school.

— Cami Crimin, Northridge High

• Seniors’ day out

At Morgan High School, the seniors have a tradition called “Senior Sluff Week.” During the last week of school, seniors do not have classes and instead participate in fun activities. This includes a Senior Sluff Day (this year it was at Lava Hot Springs), a senior service project and lunch, yearbook signing, and a senior sunset.

The school also has a giant metal “M” that the students tie clothes and fabric around to light on fire at the senior sunset. It is a great week!

— Haley Bess, Morgan High

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