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Trump's rhetoric, actions recall Benito Mussolini

Trump prisons

I'm no history professor, but President Donald Trump's rhetoric, actions, and especially mannerisms remind me a lot of what I have seen and read about Benito Mussolini, Il Duce. For those buffs of science fiction, how about Khan of Star Trek fame with his self-proclaimed superior intellect? Raymond...


Vote for "Big John" Lewis as America's Favorite Crossing Guard

Crossing guard

It has been a pleasure for my wife and me to get to know John "Big John" Lewis, the crossing guard at Wasatch Elementary School, over the last few years as we go for daily walks. He is a delightful and caring individual and does this job only because he cares about the kids. We are voting for him...


Shut down the DEA and end the war on drugs

Legalized Pot-3

I am disgusted by the recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he will be sending federal agents after marijuana users in states which have legalized the substance. The fact that Sessions thinks that marijuana is the same as heroin or other drugs shows just how ignorant he is on...


Older Utahns continued to get carded for buying beer — even in Idaho

NBA Utah Nightlife-3

I am a retired North Ogden resident. Recently, when I was at the North Ogden Smith’s Food King, purchasing food items and a 12-pack of beer, the clerk asked for my I.D. Knowing the Utah liquor laws, I showed her my identification, as she may have suspected I was underage. Who knows if I or...


Hatch has some nerve to say he spent his life helping the poor

Senate Hatch Retirement-1

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, recently said the following while discussing children's health care: "I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won't help themselves — won't lift a finger — and expect the federal government to do everything."...


Fact-checking on the "opinion" page?

Trump Veterans Fact Check

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And fact-checking is now printed on the "opinion" page of my local newspaper (”AP FACT CHECK: Trump on making Christmas great again,” Dec. 26).  Dan Schroeder Ogden


Free will must exist. Just look at the dumb things our brains let us do.

Glimpses Of The Brain

My reaction to E. Kent Winward's Dec. 31 column on the subject of free will (“The stories we create about our past dictate our future”) is the following: A. I felt like the dog and my brain is Pavlov. B. I wondered how many Cuba Libres Winward had before, during and after writing the...


We have the right to know where Utah lawmakers stand on guns

Las Vegas Shooting-7

Since the mass murder of 58 people in Las Vegas, I have emailed and called my congressman, Rob Bishop, and Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee regarding their position on the following: 1. Bump stocks. 2. Large-capacity magazines. 3. Assault rifles. My phone calls and emailed questions have not been...


Get involved with one of the two major political parties

Trump Inauguration

I've recently moved back here after 23 years on the West Coast. Some things have gotten worse (air quality and I-15 traffic) and some things have improved — like the Standard-Examiner. It's a really good read; I especially enjoy reading the local opinions. The recent letters on working for...


Base political choices on what really affects you

BZ 110717 Voting 04-2

At this point, I’m not sure which I find more discouraging and disheartening — the outrageous corruption of our political system or the way the American people allow themselves to be led to vote against their own self-interests. For a well-educated population that prides itself on its...

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