Utah needs a long-term strategy to address its worker shortage

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“The U.S. needs immigration reform, so the current discussion on how to keep foreigners out...

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OTHER VOICES: Good luck fixin’ Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg


The Dallas Morning News’ editorial board takes Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 “personal challenge” with a big fat grain of salt. 


Where will older people find $1 a day to eliminate the federal debt?

Yellen Congress

Congratulations, Robert E. Nelson, that you are able to contribute an extra $100 a month to reduce the federal debt. You suggested everyone contribute a $1 a day to eliminate the federal debt (”If everyone contributed $1 a day, we could eliminate the federal debt,” Jan. 14). However,...

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Is Trump's doctor OK?

Trump Physical

“Jackson has been a well-regarded doctor. But since finding himself in Trump's orbit, he has adopted the hyperbolic style and excessive flattery of the boss that we see in other, previously respectable members of Trump's court,” writes Dana Milbank.

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Food stamps should be spent on food, not soda

Food Stamps Cuts-Economy

One study estimates that prohibiting food-stamp funds from being spent on sweetened beverages would prevent more than 400,000 Americans from becoming obese.

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Trump had a point about immigration

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“He was almost surely trying to say that we should pick immigrants for skills (he reportedly mentioned Asia as well as Norway), but typically stated his position in the crudest terms possible,” writes Rich Lowry.


Cowards in Congress are enabling a charlatan

Trump One Year Fact Check

A while back, the Standard-Examiner published a satirical letter from me about a little old lady, secretary of the homeowners association, who was outvoted for HOA president by a newcomer, rich celebrity (“A story about a little old lady, a celebrity and a homeowners association,” March...

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Trump, Nielsen and the border wall fraud

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“What Trump proposes to do is spend $18 billion to erect a giant symbol. What he would really be doing is shoveling money down a — what's the term? — rathole,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Here's a simple way to help Ogden children learn — feed them

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In the Ogden School District, children facing food insecurity can now count on two healthy meals a day. That improves their ability to learn — making Ogden a stronger community.

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We need to take a more stable view of the president's health

Trump Physical

“All nonsense aside, it’s a challenge to comprehend why those who didn’t vote for nor like the president don’t understand the need to hope his health is intact. Anything less reflects animosity out of control,” writes D. Louise Brown.


Judge Trump by his accomplishments, not his words

Trump speaks

I am getting the idea that many people are judging Donald Trump by his less-than-presidential language and tweets. Well, all I can say is "By their fruits ye shall know them." Neil Gorsuch. Tax reform. Obama individual mandate repeal. Deregulation. Cutting government waste. Border security. Defeat...

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